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User ID and Password: Your User ID is not your email address.  Your User ID was e-mailed to you when your account was set up.
For example :  igait155

User ID       :  igait1234      ( Put your User ID here )
Password   :  *****

Please contact support if you forgot your password.


Immediately after you log in, our server will check for any new messages you have in your mailbox.

Read: To Read your messages just click on the envelope icon under "Show". Your message will appear at the bottom of your screen.  If you have any attachments with your message then a paper clip icon will appear next to your message.  All attachments will appear at the bottom of the screen. Note: do not open attachments that are "Untitled".

Reload: Click on "Reload" on the left hand side of your screen to check for new incoming mail.

Delete: To delete your message simply check the box under "Mark" and click on "Delete Marked".

Reply/Forward: To reply to the message sent click on "Reply", which generates a reply message to the sender only or click on "Reply to All", which generates a reply message addressed to all of the recipients of the selected message. To forward a message simply click on "Forward" 

Compose: To compose a new message click on "Compose" on the left hand side of your screen. The screen that appears next also appears when clicking on "Reply". Enter the e-mail address you wish to send the message to in the "To" box. Enter any other address you wish to send your message to in the "CC" (carbon copy) box. In the "From" box enter your unique e-mail address that you created when you initially set up your account with, i.e. or In the "Subject" box enter a few words that describes the message your about to send.

Attachments: If you would like to include an attachment (photograph, clipart, etc..) just click on "Attach File" option and then "Browse" and choose the file from your hard drive or floppy disk that you wish to attach to your e-mail. *WHEN CLICKING ON "ATTACH" PLEASE REMEMBER TO RE-TYPE YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS IN THE "FROM" BOX.

Send: Once you have completed your message click on "Send".

Log Out

Log Out: When you are through with your e-mail click on "Log Out" to disconnect from your mailbox.
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